How Wheels for the World Works

Providing wheelchairs to people affected by disability around the world involves four phases of ministry: collection, transportation, restoration, and distribution.

Step 1: Collection

Our Chair Corps volunteers collect used wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes for our Wheels for the World outreaches and Harvest Projects. These representatives perform pickups and provide local drop-off sites, making it easy for anyone to donate mobility equipment.

Step 2: Transportation

Donated wheelchairs and other mobility equipment must be transported from local collection sites to the restoration shops to the ports of departure. This state-to-state trucking is a critical part of the program.

Currently, we have a limited amount of donated transportation both corporately and individually, and we are in need of more.

  • Do you or someone you know work in the trucking industry?
  • Would you like to support transportation needs?

Step 3: Restoration

"Before, when I reached out, it was to take things or hurt people. Now it feels like I've reached halfway around the world through these bars to help someone.” –Inmate serving at a Wheels for the World restoration centers

Wheels for the World currently restores wheelchairs at 15 federal, state, and private correctional facilities located in 12 different states, and we're looking to grow. Inmates are trained to restore wheelchairs to like-new condition. Even the most hardened inmates have been moved to tears when they see photos of a child receiving a wheelchair they helped provide!

Step 4: Distribution

After wheelchairs and mobility equipment have been restored to like-new condition, they are shipped to countries around the world and provided to people in need through our outreaches and Harvest Projects. At the distribution sites in these countries, our volunteer teams of disability specialists fit each wheelchair to the recipient and provide training in its use and upkeep. Recipients also receive a Bible in their language and the message of God’s love. This is an incredible gift because in some countries, the cost of a wheelchair can equal a year's wages, making it almost impossible for people affected by disability to ever receive one. 

Are you interested in joining a Wheels for the World outreach team? We're always looking for physical/occupational therapists, wheelchair mechanics, translators, administrative help, and any other general assistance. And if you're unable to volunteer on an outreach, you can also support Wheels for the World by donating!